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Hello! and welcome to my website where you can learn more about my work. I am Pablo Paniagua Prieto, economist and engineer from Politecnico di Milano. I have a Ph.D. in Political Economy from King's College London (one of the top ten Universities in Europe) and I am also a Professor of Political Economy at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Santiago, Chile. I am a multidisciplinary and polyglot scholar with a deep passion for social and economic reflections at the intersection between philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE).


My life passion is teaching, writing, and high impact research, so I am a highly productive scholar: I have published my research in several Q1 journals in economics, philosophy, and political science; I have published more than 20 essays in peer-reviewed journals; I have also published 2 books and countless opinion pieces and essays; I have an h-index of 10.


My philosophy and worldview can be defined in four words: empiricist, pragmatist, liberal and skeptic. My favorite thinkers are: David Hume, John Stuart Mill, Elinor Ostrom, Adam Smith, Amartya Sen, James Buchanan, and F.A. HayekIn this website you can explore all my work, read my essays, and explore all my reflections. I kindly invite you to contact me and explore my work.        

“in general, there is a degree of doubt, and caution, and modesty, which, in all kinds of scrutiny and decision, ought for ever to accompany a just reasoner”

- David Hume, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding


John Maynard Keynes

"The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly believed. In fact, the world is governed by little more than this. Practical men, who think themselves exempt of any intellectual influence, they are usually the slaves of some defunct economist....I am sure that the power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated when compared to the gradual advance of ideas....sooner or later, ideas are , and not the vested interests that are dangerous for better or for worse”


F. A. Hayek

"The physicist who is only a physicist can still be a first-class physicist and a very valuable member of society. But no one can be a great economist if he is only an economist, and I am even tempted to add that the economist who is only an economist is likely to become, not only a nuisance, but a real danger"



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